Yonkman Construction is a Certified Built Green Contractor. Our expertise in Green Building gives our clients the option to have their project certified; documenting the “Green” products and systems they choose.

We are dedicated to building in an environmentally responsible manner. We believe building Green has many long range benefits; increased comfort, enhanced indoor air quality, reduced maintenance and repair cost, lowers utility bills, personal satisfaction and increased value.

Our goal is to help educate our clients on available building materials and systems that create living spaces prioritizing health, sustainability and energy efficiency.

Whether your custom home calls for the newest generation in green materials, mechanical systems and appliances, or your existing home simply yearns for more natural lighting, we can deliver.

So what is BuiltGreen®?
BuiltGreen® is an environmental building program proven to provide you with a healthier, more efficient house. BuiltGreen® homes are attractive, comfortable, durable, environmentally-friendly, and save you money to own and operate. Participating BuiltGreen® builders craft these resource-efficient homes to exceed building codes to provide homeowners with years of healthy, quality living, while protecting our precious Northwest environment.

The Skagit/Island Counties Builders Association BuiltGreen® program awards the BuiltGreen® certificate to a building project when it meets defined green building criteria summarized on a checklist. Projects receive one to three “Stars,” depending on the number of points they achieve. Each local program has its own checklist designed to reflect local issues and priorities.

Certified BuiltGreen® homes often bring a higher resale price as the low maintenance materials and energy saving features are documented. This document can be recorded with your title company and will be recognized by most real estate appraisers as “added value.”

Is a BuiltGreen® home right for you?

A BuiltGreen® home can be…

Less expensive to operate: Energy and water-efficient features mean you’ll save money each month on operating costs, and rate hikes will impact you less.

Healthier and more comfortable: Well-designed ventilation; a strategic choice of materials; and efficient heating and cooling with a tightly sealed, well-insulated building envelope; mean you will breathe fresh air and have fewer drafts.

Durable and reduces maintenance: Careful selection of a building’s materials, its design, and its placement on its site means fewer replacement costs and effort.

Quality-built: Professionals who care enough to participate in the BuiltGreen® program do careful work and give you outstanding value for your investment.

Yonkman Construction is a certified BuiltGreen® and Energy Star Contractor. I invite you to contact us today to discuss how to get started on your BuiltGreen® project.